M80A1 (.308 A1) 10 Rd. Pack

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Extremely rare M80A1 rounds. These are manufactured by Lake city, to NATO spec. These are surplus rounds and have been sitting in a locker for years. They do still function.

The 7.62 mm M80A1 cartridge was intended to replace the lead-based projectile contained in the current M80 ball cartridge with a projectile utilizing environmentally-friendly materials. It is designed to provide improved lethality compared to the current M80 ball cartridge.
• The M80A1 cartridge is compatible with the M240 series of machine guns, the M134 “mini gun,” the Mk48 machine gun, and the M110, MK17, M40A5, and M14 series rifles. This new cartridge is intended to be a direct replacement for the currently fielded M80 cartridge.
• The M80A1 is a three-part projectile consisting of a steel penetrator, a copper slug, and a reverse-drawn copper jacket